To Like One Another

My Dearest Grandchild,

Today, I write about liking another person. I believe that first you must like yourself, the rest comes naturally.

Your Dad and I have had discussions about this. We have concluded that we really “like” each other but also love one another. This might sound unusual, bearing in mind that we are family. In this case, love came first since I am his mother. As all parents know, the first time you see your child, you fall in love! It is a blessing to also like the members of your family because personalities are usually different even though people are related.

friendshipBut as years go by, the concept of “like” becomes reality. Relationships outside of family also start by liking the other person. Based on many reasons this could start because of how someone looks, talks, laughs, etc. Even the way someone dances with you, tells jokes and listens to you is important! People are attracted to each other because something inside feels better when they are in the presence of each other. That “like” can stay as it is — or blossom into love!

I have several friends who I “love.” When we are together, we feel the joy of friendship. That joy is very special!

My message to you is to never be afraid to like someone. Every relationship helps us grow. Many people will return this feeling to you, forming a bond called “friendship.”

Many of us have lots of people in our lives who love us. Many are in our family. But our boy-girl friendships can also turn into love. Cherish these and know that some will last for only a short time — others a lifetime!

My wish for all people is to find the joy of liking and loving a great friend — also being one!

Loving you always my sweet grandchild…