Letters to My Granddaughter

This page will contain memoirs about all kinds of situations that I have experienced in my lifetime. These will be encapsulated in pages called LETTERS TO MY GRANDDAUGHTER. I know a lot of you will relate to these letters and I invite you to write your own.



Today, I want to write about “TRADITIONS.” I am sure you know what this word means but let’s review. A TRADITION is something we do on a regular basis that has its roots in good times and happy memories. The keyword is good. [Read more…]

Church Bells

Today I write about the security and peace I feel when I hear church bells. We have traveled all over the world, visiting many churches, and often envy the people who live close to their church and awaken each day to the melodious sounds of the steeple bell. [Read more…]

Loving to Read

I write this while you are in school today. I hope you are enjoying your class and your friends but above all the many books that surround you.

The last time I was in your classroom, the shelves were lined with many titles — many familiar to me. [Read more…]


Today I want to talk about jewelry and how it holds such a special importance to me. The person who presents me with a piece of jewelry is instantly important because of their thoughtfulness. I always write a thank-you note telling how their gift will find a special place in my jewelry box and how pleased I will be to wear it! [Read more…]

The Tea Set

As grandmothers, I think we all want to leave a legacy to our grandchildren. A little bit of ourselves that is a gift to the next generation and hoping our time with them on earth has made a difference. I pray that my granddaughter always remembers our “teatimes” with me, MAMIE.  [Read more…]

The Rat

While walking Emma and Anna this morning, I looked down the street and saw a dark spot on the road. It was twirling about frantically. At first, I thought it was a leaf blown off a tree in the storm last night, but instead, it was a small animal.   [Read more…]

May Day Letter

When I was growing up, May 1st was celebrated as May Day. We made little straw or paper baskets and filled them with flowers. My sister and I took them to neighbors’ homes, rang their doorbells and quickly put a basket by the front door.   [Read more…]

Easter Egg Hunt

I write this on the morning before Easter of 2016. A soft rain is falling which is wonderful for our earth; but not for the many planned Easter Egg hunts taking place today.   [Read more…]


By now, you know that Mamie writes stories. You and I read stories from books, share stories about our lives and sometimes makeup really good “fantasy” stories that create make-believe. All of these are entertaining, and also tell others about who we are. This is what I want to write about today.   [Read more…]



Today, I want to share some birthday party stories with you.  Starting with your first birthday party, my memories are happy when I think about the celebrations. The day we celebrated your first party, your parents, Jack and I decorated the clubhouse near your home.  Pink balloons, pink presents, and pink cake created an aura of joy.    [Read more…]

Painting Easel

As the oldest of three children, I grew up sharing my toys and books with my brother and sister.  Actually, this was easy for me because my siblings found the same joy in those possessions as I did.  But when I was ten years old, I held tight to a special gift from my parents…

[Read on…]

The Lost Dog

I thought this story was perfect for Christmas time. Not only is it a good story but proves that this time of year is very special because of the Christ Child’s birth!

Last week, our friend Bob frantically called out to us as we walked Emma and Anna, “Have you seen Panda?” he called with tears in his words. [Read on…]

makeup_lesson-thumbA Makeup Lesson

It’s hard to believe that you are going to be ten this month. One of my many fond memories of this year is the day we practiced . . . makeup!

I think I enjoyed it as much as you! [Read on…]


Today, I am going to attempt to tell you about divorce.  Of course, you understand it already as well as any nine-year-old child can.  I think we need to emphasize your age agreeing that no matter how old you are, divorce hurts everyone concerned.  I want to share a little story with you. [Read on…]

joyfarm-thumbJoyfarm Riding Camp

I write this letter while gazing at a picture your father took last weekend.  You are sitting very straight in your saddle, posting rhythmically to the stride of your rescue horse, “Bobby Cooper.”  A broad smile is painted on your nine-year-old face and I feel joy!  That feeling is mixed with many memories of my own “horse” days.  Let me share some of them with you! [Read on…]


Fourth of July

I want to share with you a great story about fireworks on the Fourth of July. I have many memories of the Fourth of July but this one is really special. It involves lots of family, a beautiful lake and beautiful colors painted in the sky by fireworks.

While your Dad was growing up, we always planned a yearly trip to see your Great Uncle Russ and his family… [Read more…]

first_love-thumbFirst Boyfriend

When I was ten years old, I had my first boyfriend. He lived behind us, down the hill and his name was “Perry.” He was two years older than I and had a disease called “Cerebral Palsy.” He was born with this and his muscles and bones did not work the way they should. His mother lovingly put steel braces on his legs each morning and helped him to walk. Usually, the first place he walked to was my house… [Read more…]

may_day_basket-thumbMay Day Letter

This being the month of May, I have several stories that I will to share with you. I think you will like them. When I was growing up, May 1st was celebrated as May Day. We made little straw or paper baskets and filled them with flowers.  My sister and I took them to neighbors’ homes, rang their doorbells and quickly put a basket by the front door.  [Read more…]

child_waving_goodbye-thumbHello and Goodbye

Today I want to write about saying “goodbye.” The great part about saying goodbye is that one day you can again say “hello.” “Goodbye” can hurt and make you sad. Saying “hello” can make you happy again.   [Read more…]

valentine_cookieMy First Valentine…

I am writing this at the end of the day — Valentine’s Day, 2016! This is your ninth Valentine’s Day here on earth. Always a loving day, it gives us a special chance to say “I love you” to the special people in our lives. So, Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my sweetness! [Read more…]

broken_heart-thumbDo Hearts Really Break?

About a month after your grandfather died, I had to have a physical exam performed by our insurance company. A young paramedic came to our house on a beautiful, sunny day but I saw only rainy clouds and heard thunder. I was “grieving.” Therefore, the actual weather forecast was different for me. Yet, I managed to answer the door and carry out the instructions given to me… [Read more…]

nativity-scene-thumbThe Christmas Pageant

With Christmas coming in a few weeks, I thought you would enjoy this story. It involves God’s love and protection. I think you will like the message. When your Dad was ten years old, I volunteered to direct the next Annual Christmas Pageant. I was given a few instructions and also two big boxes of costumes. You know — all of the animals that were in the stable with Baby Jesus… [Read more…]

friendship-thumbTo Like One Another

Today, I write about liking another person. I believe that first, you must like yourself, the rest comes naturally. Your Dad and I have had discussions about this. We have concluded that we really “like” each other but also love one another. This might sound unusual, bearing in mind that we are family. In this case, love came first since I am his mother. [Read more…]

love_story-thumbA Love Story

I need to tell you a story. As you know, there are many kinds of stories. You have heard stories from the very beginning of your life. Some have been told to you in words that you only hear and some stories have been read from stories printed on a page. The joy of stories and books will be yours forever and that is a lifelong, wonderful gift. The story I will tell you today is a Love Story. [Read more…]

new_babySpecial Letters to My Granddaughter

I became a grandmother on November 22, 2007, at 7:23 in the evening. The previous nine months of waiting, hoping, praying and anticipating all culminated with the birth of my granddaughter. JOY is the best word to describe my feelings even though we were not present. Instead, we were 30,000 feet above the earth…frantically flying toward her birthplace. [Read more…]