Comments from Readers…

Comments from “ The Readers”… A group of twelve women who have a monthly meeting, usually including lunch to discuss a book chosen by one of the members. The group is four years old with a limit of a dozen members. The women live locally in Port Orange, Florida. The book selection for the month of September was FROM WE TO ME …letters to my friend. The author, Maryann Hartzell –Curran, now shares some of the comments made by members. We think they give a great view of this poignant, timely little book as she pens 52 letters over a year’s time. She shares with her friend, her journey in her first year as a widow.

These are some new comments about “FROM WE TO ME”

“This book is a keeper! I keep it on my coffee table in the living room. I have even lent it out to friends on limited incomes. For others, encourage them to purchase their own for their “coffee tables.” After reading this, I cherish my husband even more.”
~ Maxine

“In my profession, I am a Deacon at our church, I see a lot of suffering. As we know, the grief of losing a loved one is just that. I like the fact that Maryann ‘gives permission to hurt with the promise that the pain will dull one day.’ But there is no real timeline. Good, fast reading in short chapters. Thanks Maryann.”
~ Bob

“I read each chapter, week by week. I can imagine how helpful the letters were to Eddie. What a loving gift Maryann shared with her friend. My own husband died eight years ago, but the emotions I felt reading each letter renewed the fact that love stories are precious. Those of us who love till the end… are blessed.”
~ Marion

“This little book feels good in my hands. I have given it to several friends who say the same thing. I like the yellow cover… it gives hope and sunshine to its readers. I think the signature at the end of each letter also makes it personal to the reader.”
~ Trudy

“When my husband of sixty years died from his cancer, I was devastated. Maryann and I were friends so when she sent me a signed copy I was thrilled. I felt like she was reading to me…I am thankful for our friendship and the gift of this book.”

Other Reader comments:

“The book is very sweetly written. Each chapter was necessary to vent and to help Eddie. The book brought to mind the five steps that helped me heal. Maryann, you did a great job. My three weeks, my favorite stories, were week 25, 44 and 48.”
Thank you,
Love Lucia

“What a lovely memorial to a man who was deeply loved and to a friend experiencing what you had already experienced.

When those of us who are in longtime marriages read this book it reminds us to contemplate the eventual ending to our relationships. This was a reality check for me making me hug my husband that evening…a little tighter.
I personally liked the chapter on the ‘Empty Chair.’ Because of my own ongoing 52-year-old marriage, it made me more cognizant of the fact that one of us will leave the other first. I wonder how I will deal with that loss?”

“I loved the whole premise of the book. Maryann’s strong desire to help others (and there are so many others) through the same systematic progression of the grief process was such a gift. It is a very practical and beautifully written account of her own grief journey. There is so much heart and feeling poured into this book as she writes to her dear friend. I want to share this book with my friend who has gone through this loss. I loved each chapter for what it conveyed about her great love for her husband…also herself. Way to go—-, I know it must have been very healing for the author too!”
~ Anonymous

“I love the book. I like the fact that I can pick it up and read and then put it down without losing my place. I like the length of the stories.”
~ Ann

“I talked to my niece. She found the book very comforting and helpful. She thought it was written in a very personal way.”
~ Carolyn

“You hit the nail right on the head, Maryann. I felt all of these emotions and your journey was similar to mine. You captured what grief really is and I thank you.”
~ Tina

“I thank you for your book but I still have not read it. My nephew died unexpectedly last month and I have been trying to help my sister deal with it. I promise to read it one day and hope to be able to say the right things to her. Children are not supposed to die before their parents.”
~ Judy S.

I think about meeting you and Jack at the bar. I enjoyed our conversation and am sorry we all do not live closer to each other. Anyway, I have read the book twice and keep it by my bedside. I re read some of the chapters on a regular basis. I am so glad we met.”
~ Barb S.

“I bought the book and read it cover to cover. I felt the messages were inspiring and thank you for writing it.”
~ Ann