The Rat

I miss you today! I always miss you, and today I feel sad. I’ll tell you why!

While walking Emma and Anna this morning, I looked down the street and saw a dark spot on the road. It was twirling about frantically. At first, I thought it was a leaf blown off a tree in the storm last night, but instead it was a small animal.

A lot of squirrels run in front of cars and are killed. That was what I thought it was but instead, as we got closer, we saw it was a rat! Of course, lots of people would scream and run away, but we didn’t!  Standing there, we watched it become very still. Life was over for this little animal. Mamie started to cry.

As I said, a lot of people would be glad this had happened because rats can be very dirty and even bite people. But to me, that was not the issue. Instead, we stood and watched life leave this small animal and it was sad.

Unfortunately, things like this happen. I remember when your Dad had just gotten his Drivers License. He took my car to the store and a bird flew right in front of the car and the bird died. Very upset, your father returned home to get me and we both went back to find the bird lying very still.  We gently picked it up and wrapped a white paper towel around it. I think your Dad felt better when I helped do this and, though sad, we both knew it was an accident.

I feel better now, I believe the driver of the car that hit the rat did not even know what had happened. But we did and I’m glad it did not die alone. I know, Mamie is too sentimental lots of the time! But that is who I am.

So my dear one, life and death are part of our world even with small animals. I think the lesson from this story is that no matter what kind of creature it is…it belongs to God.  I have learned that when He calls us, we go. Even if it is just a rat who is not a nice animal, he still was alive in our busy world. He just got in the way crossing the road.

You and I came upon a dead bird many years ago as we walked on the beach. It was you who said, “Mamie, we have to bury him.” We made a cross and said a prayer. I am glad you have this sensitive spirit. It is okay to feel sad.  By putting the cross on the little grave and saying a few words, we released the bird’s spirit.

What a beautiful thing!

Love you child,