May Day Letter

This being the month of May, I have several stories that I will to share with you.  I think you will like them.

may_day_basketWhen I was growing up, May 1st was celebrated as May Day.  We made little straw or paper baskets and filled them with flowers.  My sister and I took them to neighbors’ homes, rang their doorbells and quickly put a basket by the front door. Then we ran away to hide behind a tree.  It was fun to see people open the door, bend down and lift up the pretty basket.  Then they would look all around, and shrug their shoulders, wondering who had left them this beautiful gift.

In Europe, over many centuries, similar celebrations were held.  Often in the center of town, and still there in some places, was a tall pole called the May Pole.  Used only one day of the year, colorful ropes of silk were tied to the top and little girls, about your age, took an end and danced around the pole.  Music would play as they skipped together in a large circle.  The whole city would stop and attend these gatherings followed by prayer, food and drink.  It was an honor to be a participant.

A typical costume worn by the little girls, would be a colorful dress, a frilly apron and a crown made of fresh, spring flowers.  That’s right, it was a celebration of spring because the winters back then were cruel with icy temperatures and blowing snow.  You can imagine how great the fresh air felt with the aroma of simmering food and blossoming flowers permeating the air all around the dancing girls.

May also celebrates Mother’s Day.  I have many memories of this day; some about my Mom and many about being a Mom.  One year, your Dad put stickers all around the house with little messages like:  This coupon good for a free kiss or this coupon good for my setting the table.  We had great fun carrying out those little plans.

So, you can see, my sweet child, that the month of May celebrates life in different ways.  I can picture you participating in this, dressed in your costume and wearing a ring of flowers in your flowing hair.  It would have been great fun!

Loving you always my child,   MAMIE