Hello and Goodbye

child_waving_goodbyeToday I want to write about saying “goodbye.”  The great part about saying goodbye is that one day you can again say “hello.” “Goodbye” can hurt and make you sad. Saying “hello” can make you happy again.

I wrote this letter when you were seventeen months old. Actually what I said to you then still applies and you are nine years old now. But, let me continue with my words of long ago.  They are spoken by all grandparents who live apart from their families only to visit on occasion.

We had a wonderful visit.  You and I played a “stacking toy game.”  You also put blocks in a box with great determination and I joyfully report that same determination is part of your present personality. You laugh with glee as each task is completed and this will be both a gift and asset in your lifetime.

I noticed that you observe things noting differences like textures, smoothness and even bumpiness.  It is fun to watch you build self-confidence.  That too is a gift that I see in your present personality. You do not need someone urging you on — a strength that will serve you all through your life. As your grandfather often said, even if you do not know the answer, act like you do or better yet — ask a question.

When we said goodbye then, I feel the same way today.  I do not cry openly but I do cry inside.  It is hard to miss all of the everyday things you do, but I know that your parents cherish all your new accomplishments even though they no longer live together.  They are good about sharing news with us.

Goodbye can hurt. It is painful and part of living.  You will say goodbye to many things in your life. That is important because it closes a chapter and then greets a new one with—hello!

I can’t wait to see you again my sweetness,