Church Bells

Today I write about the security and peace I feel when I hear church bells.  We have traveled all over the world, visiting many churches, and often envy the people who live close to their church and awaken each day to the melodious sounds of the steeple bell.

When your Papa Hartzell and I were visiting Switzerland, we stayed in a tiny hotel that had rooms above a pastry shop. Each morning we opened our eyes — and also our noses — to the fragrant aroma of baking croissants, freshly removed from large ovens. We could hardly wait to have one of those marvelous rolls along with a large Cappuccino in a decorated cup. Great memories!

But aside from that, I also remember the church bells chiming eight o’clock and villagers rushing by to attend Mass a few minutes after the hour. They were dressed warmly in coats and scarves, often carrying a small missal — the Catholic order of worship — and perhaps even a long loaf of bread in a tattered cloth bag. As we basked in the deliciousness of our breakfast, they obviously had had theirs and were on their way to thank God for His many blessings.

When Jack and I traveled to Bosnia years ago, we stayed at another small hotel across from the church. Every hour the steeple rang out its bells, playing beautiful old church songs that were familiar to both of us. I found myself humming along — enjoying many memories of my Spiritual life.  At this place, there were no delicate croissants but instead, there was hearty brown bread slathered in butter and jam. Very good and an equally great start to our day.

At our church here in Florida, the church bells ring every hour and one-half hour. When we are at Mass, I love to hear their beautiful melodies even though it might disturb my concentration. I think God forgives my wandering mind. My thoughts frequently contain parts of my life gone by and I smile in remembrance.

Now you see, my sweet child, how Mamie relates the bells to her faith. Perhaps God created church bells to help us stop, think and pray with beautiful music as a reminder of His Love for Us.  Think about it!

Love you,