My Dearest Granddaughter,

Today, I want to write about “TRADITIONS.” I am sure you know what this word means but let’s review.  A TRADITION is something we do on a regular basis that has its roots in good times and happy memories. The keyword is good.

A TRADITION could be something you ALWAYS do for Christmas, like putting up the tree.  Or in the case of you and me, telling stories about the family. I think when we started doing this a few years ago, you not only enjoyed the stories but also remember them!  This TRADITION is one that, very possibly, few families have in our society today.  I bet lots of people you know do not know very much about their grandparents’ lives — like you do!

I’ve always cherished our time together especially our TRADITION of sharing my stories while we are falling asleep. I always tell your Dad when he is with us that he is probably hearing things I never told him so two people, you and he, are benefiting. Plus remembering and retelling the stories is good for MAMIE — me!

You know all about the days I lived on a farm including the Christmas evening when the baby pigs were born in the barn. Remember how the veterinarian came to give them shots and then threw them into the next stall!  How about the story of my first boyfriend who had Cerebral Palsy and how he chased me around the play yard for my first kiss from a boy!  How about all the stories about Herschell and Henrietta including when I said goodbye to them.  All of these sharing stories have not only helped me share my life but has also educated you about how all of this affected me. What a gift!

Growing old and sharing in your youth has been a huge joy for me.  Even when you kid me about my wrinkly arms or my spare tire, we both giggle knowing you are sharing a part of me that I find humorous.  But trust me, little girl, one day your arms will be wrinkly too!  Maybe that is a good lesson to learn!

traditionsSo TRADITIONS are a great thing to establish in your life. I also think it is okay to change those when you grow up and have your own family.  Families create their own TRADITIONS to pass on — or at least teach children about their importance.  They establish a secure connection between your present,  your past and your future. Life lessons are experienced bringing joy as you age and then passing this knowledge on to your own children. It is the Circle of Life with no real ending!  How precious!

So the TRADITION you and I share in telling and listening to stories will always be special to me.  As one of your three grandmothers, I am thankful for this time with you. I think we like one another’s company and that is very special.

Until my next letter,

Love you very much,