The Lost Dog

My Dearest Granddaughter,

I thought this story was perfect for Christmas time. Not only is it a good story but proves that this time of year is very special because of the Christ Child’s birth!

Last week, our friend Bob frantically called out to us as we walked Emma and Anna, “Have you seen Panda?” he called with tears in his words. We had not — and felt very sad.

As we continued walking, we saw other dog people and passed on this scarey news.  Darkness came; it got colder outside and we kept looking out the window hoping to see his black and white bulldog sitting in his driveway. But nothing happened!

About nine o’clock, our phone rang and the caller I.D. showed Bob’s name. I picked up the phone, holding my breath.  He was chuckling as his story tumbled out.

“I was so frantic that I never looked around the house,” he said. “About two hours ago, I heard snoring. Of course, I was exhausted from running all around the neighborhood calling for Panda. Guess what?, he exclaimed —  the snoring sound was in our pantry. When I opened the door, there was our dog sleeping soundly right next to the dog food bag! I was so relieved that I sat down on the floor and held her big head in my lap. I couldn’t even speak; I just held her and said repeatedly, Thank you God.”

He ended this “tail” by saying, “I know that the spirit of Christmas shone over our house and kept Panda safe. Of course that spirit is the same star that shone over the stable where Jesus was born.”

Would you believe that yet another dog story occurred this same week?

As we returned from Christmas shopping, there, running alongside of the road was a little white pug!  Everyone saw him and slowed their cars down as fast as they could. Then the little dog ran out in front of our car and we slammed on the brakes. He made it across the road!

Several cars including ours stopped, got out and called for the dog. We did not know his name so I just shouted, “Hey, Dog!”  But he kept running —  never looking back — and disappeared into the woods.

I dialed my cell phone for animal control! They were on their way. Then we saw several people who turned out to be the owners of the little dog, running along the roadway obviously looking for something.  We explained what we had seen and done and left to go home. We felt very sad that the dog had disappeared.

About four hours later, the phone rang. An anxious, tear stained voice called out, “We found him!” Of course, I recognized the voice of the owner and felt so happy! Evidently after we left, the dog came out of the woods to try to cross the road again. This time, all of the cars stopped including the truck belonging to a local tree trimmer. Ironically the man driving the truck recognized the dog, called his name and the animal jumped into his vehicle. Wow!

Again, the Christ Child intervened to finish yet another “tail” of happiness! What joy He brings to us!

Love you sweet one!