My Dear Grandchild,

By now, you know that Mamie writes stories.  You and I read stories from books, share stories about our lives and sometimes make up really good “fantasy” stories that create make believe. All of these are entertaining, and also tell others about who we are. This is what I want to write about today.

I think no matter how old people are — and some are very old — they listen to stories. Some story tellers keep your interest with their words and you hang onto what they say, begging for more. Those are very gifted storytellers. Then there are the regular people, like Mamie, who tell a good story but write an even better one.

I pray that you will keep your ability to tell and write stories. All of them have messages to pass on to others about important events in our lives. By telling a story, you remember more than if someone just tells you a fact. The story has intrigue, big words, humor, colorful words and a tone of excitement in the telling. Sometimes, when I listen to a story, I close my eyes so that I am only hearing through my ears and not my eyes. I get distracted if there is too much that I can see. I learn better with my ears.

I think that the length of a story is important too.  If you are speaking to very small children, old people who cannot hear well or if there is a noisy room around you, keep your story short!  If you do not, you will lose their interest and that is no fun. Story telling should be fun and leave a lasting imprint on the listener.

So think of these things in storytelling.  Tell about events, places and people you know and keep it short. If there is some distraction, use lots of expression in your voice and in your written words. I promise that if you do these things you will have people come back and say, “Thank you for the great story. I learned a lot from hearing or reading it!”  That is a wonderful compliment!

So here is to story telling — I know you will tell lots of stories during your lifetime!

Love you, my sweetness…