Special Letters To My Granddaughter

my_granddaughterI became a grandmother on November 22, 2007 at 7:23 in the evening. The previous nine months of waiting, hoping, praying and anticipating all culminated with the birth of my granddaughter. JOY is the best word to describe my feelings even though we were not present. Instead, we were 30,000 feet above the earth…frantically flying toward her birthplace.

Frantically is a great word because she was, like so many other babies, NOT DUE YET! It was the night before Thanksgiving and we had just landed at Newark Airport on our way to visit my husband’s daughter and her family for the holiday. Cancelling those plans, calling to say we had to return for the early birth, was very hard on both of us. Those were tough decisions because of the disappointment caused in changing our plans but eventually everyone understood.

Even though we did not know she had been born, I had a feeling as I gazed through my darkened window. I “felt” her presence on earth almost like angels had been sitting on a wing looking through the window at me inside the plane. So when we got to the next transfer point in our journey, I called my son and he made the joyful announcement. But I already knew!

The adventures of being a Grandma started high in the sky and to this day I still feel joy in my soul thinking of her. I also believe in the power of being a grandparent and the importance of this unique, God-given responsibility. Therefore, the next section of my webpage is letters to this special person.

As you read the letters, one each month, you will read my views on life. These are what I share with her all the way from talking about love, about saying hello and goodbye, and to stories about my growing up. I share my life with her. I believe that this is a gift with no price tag – like so many other things in life! So I hope you enjoy my thoughts and words and I invite you to write your own to your grandchildren.

After all, the most precious gift we leave to others is our legacy…