Today I want to talk about jewelry and how it holds such a special importance to me. The person who presents me with a piece of jewelry is instantly important because of their thoughtfulness. I always write a thank-you note telling how their gift will find a special place in my jewelry box and how pleased I will be to wear it!

You love to sit with me while we do make up or hair and go through the jewelry we will wear that evening. I love this time not only because I am with you but also for the opportunity to share some of those special pieces and their history.  There are two pieces that you will receive from me on your twelfth birthday.

The first will be a string of pearls that my parents presented me with on my 12th birthday.  My mom had always worn pearls and felt at twelve years old it was time for me to have my own.

The second will be a beautiful gold pin in the shape of a Clydesdale horse.  A golden body and then highlighted with a red halter, it is very special to me. I, like you, was a lover of horses at an early age so the pin has been a beautiful memory of things from my past. This gift was really from my father who always wanted to buy me a horse and he did so with this special piece.

I often kid myself when I meet a woman wearing pearls… even with jeans. I call her a pearl girl, because there is always a grace about pearls hanging from a woman’s neck. There is a beauty, an elegance and a mystery about who this person is because the pearls dress up even a casual outfit. I think you were born to wear pearls!!

So, my sweet child, you will receive these pieces of jewelry on your 12th birthday.  Cherish them and keep them in a special box.  I promise you whenever you wear them, you will feel me close to you even though I may be far away.  They will be yours to wear and then to hand down to your own daughter or granddaughter — but only on their twelfth birthday!

Loving you forever,